04 March 2009

For Heaven.

Adam awoke when he heard a voice. "adam, adam?".
"Yes Father?", he replied.
"Let's go for a walk in the garden.".

Adam is probably the only man who ever lived that got to have a simple walk with God in the park, just Father to son, God to man. They always say, a walk with God lasts your whole life. As much truth that is, I sometimes like to think of a walk with God, as simple as a short walk in the park.

My walk with God, would probably be high up on the mountains, early in the morning at the break of dawn. An breathtaking sunrise with golden rays that flood the sky would be there to greet us . Or it would be on a cool sandy beach on an island in the evening with our bare feet sinking into the soft sand and of course, a glorious sunset to end the day. Perfect.

Imagine that for a few seconds and hold that thought...

Sarah was on the computer yesterday. music came from the speakers. not any kind of music though, this one was different. Different in so many ways. it didn't feel like music that would usually make me get up and dance, music that would get me emo and start reflecting on life, music that would make me headbang out of my wits, no, this was extraordinary.

I slowly began to zone out, like i was in a dream because that's exactly what the music sounded like, an escape from the world into something heavenly. and no, i'm pretty sure it wasn't like going high on heroin. there was something peaceful in the music, something reassuring, something full of life.

Later on, she told me its this dude, Adam Young [what a coincidence, right?] who calls himself Port Blue. He mixes ambient sounds, kinda sounds like the ocean which is probably why he's got a thing for ports and the sea. its fully instrumental, no vocals, and he calls his music dreamscapes. What makes this dude's music special is that the music he makes, is inspired by his day to day walk with Jesus. I could actually imagine how his short simple 5 minute walk in every song looked like. its incredible.

I listen to bands who write songs that have a message to tell everyone. bands like Switchfoot question the corruption of the world and tell everyone where the answer in life lies in. but its really one thing to write powerful songs with mind blowing lyrics accompanied by incredible music and somthing totally different to make music painting heavenly chorusus coming from the sky or a simple walk in the park with the creator Himself. Music like this, brings so much more to life.

And this is why music was made.

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