30 March 2009

On The Wing.

Do you know what its like to wait 9 years for something not knowing what you're waiting for?
I went through that. and I thank God everyday that he managed to keep me waiting.


because the day came when i found out why i was saving 9 years worth of cash for.
it all started when i was a kid...

I was small, naive and innocent. I looked at my jie, and my mei mei. they got a lot of cash for ang pau.probably more than what i got, difference is, they spent every single penny buying either clothes,jewelry or dolls. what did i do?I said "i'm gonna save my cash because there's gonna be a day where i'm really gonna need it to buy something or to give someone and i will have the money for it". yeah, what a stupid pansie,losers, mama's boy thing to do. but it all paid off because like i said, the day came. 9 friggin years later. [so now no one can say i don't have patience. haha]

in short, I bought my amazing, ever so sexy Ibanez SA260 FM.

To the guys in the picture below.. Melvin, Ivan, Andrew, the band that i never had. Thanks dudes for following me to bentley on that historical day. Andrew and Melvin, i know u missed futsal just for me. Ivan, the bro i never had, i know u got screwed by your insane addmath tuision teacher just so you could follow me. now thats love, people.haha. i must say that i'm really sorry it took 3 years for me to get the balls to pull the cash out of my pocket but tomorrow is a new day.

Now let's go rock the world!

and to my saviour.. Jesus Christ.Once again i can truly say that You have taken care of me and heard all my prayers. who'd ever think that a small missionary kid would ever get the cash to buy a beautiful piece of wood that expensive? Thank You so much for answering my prayers. Most important of all, I dedicate this guitar to You. I vow that it will only be used for Your will, to bring Your name to the ears who haven't heard it and to lift Your name higher. All glory to God.

Guys, for those who have never posted a comment
on any of my posts, this is your chance.
I need ideas for a name for her.
make it a sexy one.


Spider- Pig said...

im first yo (: ahahaha call it zech. thats the sexy-est name in the world (: HAHAHAH or if u want female, call it shawna lah. wah then u play, sure geng wan! Ahahahaha

renee said...

hahahahahhaa.zack! u took my line! i wanted to say renee is the sexiest name..lousy.xD but shawna's the sexiest in sam's world....:)

hahahaha.i feel your joy sam.bring it and play for uth on sun then!!

ivan(: said...

besok lah kami jam. dont need to have name lah. you said you'll use it prolly for 4-5 years then it wouldn't be sexy for you already kan. lols. time to buy effects bro.

Sam said...

hahaha, it doesn't work that way zech. life would be a lot easier if it did. haha.

renee, yea i'm lending it to tjin to play.

ivan : eh she's mine for 4-5 years at least then. still must give name. yes yes looking for effects d. one step at a time. haha.

Samantha O said...

OMG. so many ppl did the whole call it their own name thing. LOL. Sam, name it Sam. now, THAT is a sexy name, and you cannot not agree. hahaha. But, like renee said, you can name it Shawna if you like. ;)