18 August 2009

Dull the nails that still remain.

It has been a tough week for me. the virus doesn't seem to leave. the pain doesn't seem to go. every morning i wake up in a tough situation, to break or to fight. to cry or to stand strong.

For those of you who don't already know, i picked up the H1N1 virus. it is not confirmed because our wonderful government has not supplied the hospitals with enough resources to run an adequate test. My body is fighting it every second of the day. and every second of the day, i'm praying.

Sometimes it is bearable. like for now, as i'm typing this. Sometimes, my temp goes up,my mind feels like its being pounded by a sledgehammer, my back screams and my lungs are about to burst out of coughing nothing. that's another tough situation. to break or to fight. i've already lost 4Kg's in 5 days and my energy levels our prolly down by 75%. walking up the staircase is a chore for me.

The only thing that is keeping me going, is faith. i'm not going to die. i was born ready to take anything on. and if i do die, then its just time for me to go. i don't believe in fate. i believe in God's perfect timing in His plan for my life. so i decide to fight, because my strength in Jesus, never fails me. like i said, every second i'm praying. every second i'm singing a worship song. every second i'm holding on to the truth that Jesus is my healer, and that nothing is impossible for Him.

at the end of a day like mine, all i know, all i can say is that my God truly is mighty to save.

I'm not alone. Deuteronomy 31:8


christine said...

Wow, I am so amazed to see such a young person with such enormous love for Jesus. First let me say, Our God is surely mighty to save.....if He rose and conquered the grave, will He not conquer this illness for you? Cause the same Jesus who made Lazarus rise from the dead, will make you rise to your feet again. just hold on to your faith.
I dont know you n just stumbled upon ur blog while i was googling on "lim Yu Vern". I didn't know him either but was just looking for some posts on his passing...it saddened me to see such a young guy had passed away. He obviously came from a loving family. just wonder what they are going through loosing a son, a brother at such a prime age. i have a son too, and a daughter and every day i pray that the lord will send his angels to protect them. i cannot ever imagine anything happening to them.
Anyway, another thing i saw in your blog was "my cup is half full, not half empty". Thats been my motto too for the last 20 years...glad to know though we are strangers but we have things in common.
U take care of urself. I'm thanking Jesus right now for your healing!!!1 God bless

m.c. said...

you take care, k.
praying for you.

Janielle Beh said...

Sam!!! How are you? Keep the good fight and fix your eyes on Jesus! I'll be praying for ya'. Surely this season in your life will feel like a lonely walk cause' nobody's feels the pain that you do, but Jesus does. He sees our lives from beginning to end, and your future is in His mighty hands. Thank God for His awesome grace in all things and that we're never here by chance! I pray you'll come out of this ordeal with victory in Jesus' name and with a life-impacting testimony! =)

JustinKhoo said...


The title of yr blog says it all.

Keeping you in prayer from down unda.

Mei Jean said...

Hey sam, how are you? Feeling better? Don't worry aight. God will heal you completely
because He has promised each and everyone of us healing. Remember that God is able to accomplish anything He wants to. Continue believing that God is your only Healer. He will restore health to you. Continue to pray and have faith in God. Prayer moves the hands of God. I'll uphold you in prayer. Take care. :)

Isaiah 53:5 - But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

Bryan Ong Eu Jin said...

urm, supp.
stay healthy?
vitamin it up?

by the way, if you are worried (which i doubt), all you gotta know is that, well, God is watching.
Duhh He is watching.
God is The Man.
The Best Dude to go to when you are in pain, feeling sad, or even cant go to the loo properly. XD

Who else to help you do all the above other than My Man,

Your Man, Jesus.

i shall keep you in my sexy little prayer.
im confident when i say you are healed, babehh.

Sam said...

thanks all for your prayers. i really do appreciate it. its working very well :)

zharina said...

hi, sam.It's so sad to know about this..I'll be praying for you..