21 September 2009

Lagu Untukmu.

I read Jamie Tworkowski's ARTICLE on some online magazine the other day. He called his article "what would you say and what would you sing?". If you were given the opportunity to stand in a small or large crowd with all attention on you, what would you say at that moment?

I always talk about changing the world, sending a message of goodness and love to people who need it. But i haven't really figured out what i'd say exactly. When someone hands a mic to us, we usually put on our shy faces and say "hey guys, erh erh, hey." and give some corny smile. OR we end up talking nonesense [some people just can't get the mic out of their hands].

Jamie was talking about how a stage is a special place. A place where you can either move mountains or contribute to the stagnancy of our world. So i thought in my head, " Alright, the time will come when a mic will be passed to me and i'd have to bring some purpose to the lives of whoever's listening. I'd better get that little message ready." I continued on to read..

"all the world's a stage and that maybe we all have some kind of influence and opportunities to say real things and move people"

Boy, i totally forgot about that. All the world's a stage. Ears are just waiting to hear what the heart needs to hear. Every moment you're conversing with your friends, maybe even one friend, that's your stage, your moment! It ain't any good writing on paper your glorious message that can change the world and wait for someone to hand you a mic while the paper slowly rots in the small compartment of your wallet.

It really doesn't matter where you are, or who you are speaking too. People are influenced by the words we say and the actions we do. Maybe next time when someone says "wassap dei", to you, you should reply "not so good man." and let them ask why. Then you can go on to tell them the thoughts in your heart, the message written on that small piece of rotting paper in your wallet.

What would you say, what would you sing?

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