22 December 2009

It's gonna be a good night.

Crazy 3 months. simply insane.

I'm going through that phase now. You don't realize how worried free your life is when you're still in school. things are laid out for you, its either you follow or you don't. I'm done with high school, anxious and certainly excited. Now its time to determine our own future, we man-up.

I've gotta say, its been heck loads of fun. 11 years, goshhhh. the nonsense we kids pulled off, the small kid fights we had, birthday parties, trying to act all grown up, PROM, spm, not paying attention in class or tuition, farewells and all that jazz.

Some moments were pretty significant. Shaker's conference, concerts, MTV Asia awards, my band's first gig, school camps, rocking friends. Can't help but feel how blessed you are to have all of that. those older than me would understand.

I really do enjoy looking through the hundreds of photos collected in the last 5 years or reading all the older posts on my blog. progress, baybyyyyy :)

So there you have it, my post-SPM thoughts. now for two months worth of waterfalls, travelling, tamiya cars, a job maybe, a driving license, moving house, reading, gigging[hopefully], late night mamak, modern warfare 2, Arsenal, futsal, mountains, camping, beaches, cooking, and rocking out with Jesus :)

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