05 November 2009

Soundtrack for your life.

It doesn't happen to you, you happen to life. - Superchic[k]

Time is present. it is the past, it is the future.

Its amazing how significant time is. it states being, states what has been and what will be. It suggests progress or stagnancy.

Ahh, dinner time. One bowl of steamed rice, fried yau mak, and herbal chicken. YUCK. we have this everyday. aren't we sick of it? hmm, i wonder what the kids in india are having.

One spoon of rice and erh, one spoon of rice for the whole family. rice, again?! when's the last time i got to have some rice, whoppeeee!

Shucks, its time to get up and go to school. gosh, its 7am and school is so incredibly far awayyyy, i've gotta get into that lousy car and be driven a whole 10 minutes down the road. what a waste of time. I wonder what the kids in africa are doing now..

3am, and a 4 hour hike to school. another great day of learning! one day i'll finally be able to buy myself a good pair of slippers to walk in.

it doesn't happen to you, you happen to life. Be counted for something when its time. we are blessed that we can learn from our forefather's mistakes. with the lessons we've learned, we can do something about the way things are. Something different, something passionate, something real and change the way the future is headed. That spoon of rice? make that family able to eat ten spoonfulls of rice, see what happens. That pair of slippers she hopes to have one day? make her able to wear shoes and see what happens.

we are all agents. we contribute to this world we live in. affect the world around you, and you'll affect the world. so how are we really contributing to this world, are we agents of change?

Stagnancy or Progress.

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