05 July 2007

Its more than words.

A girlfriend should be someone...

who is secure with or without a guy.
who does not try to change the other person.
who likes him for all his traits and quirks and weaknesses and mistakes.
who doesn’t hold his past against him.
who knows when to be there for him and when to give him his space.
who doesn’t try to control or manipulate his choices and actions.
who supports his dreams and goals.
who lets him be a guy, complete with guy bonding PS2 and futsal sessions.
who will make compromises on watching football games with him in exchange for having him follow her shopping.
who does not hog his time and attention 24-7.
who will forgive him when he forgets important dates and not make too big a fuss about it.
who does not get intimidated/jealous when her guy hangs around other girls.
who, above all, is able to put his needs above hers but is not afraid to speak up for herself and knows how to take care of herself. who understands that a relationship is about giving and taking.

Hate to break it to ya,but this was written by a girl who doesn't think she's ready for a relationship. if u are all of the above,i'd say ur one dam hot chick.

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