19 August 2007

He was a good fish.

The very first fish that our family has ever adopted, just got his name written in history. Unfortunately, after two weeks of dwelling in our presence, The poor fish named Marty claustraphobicly and Asphyxialy ended his very innocent and locked up life on the morning of the 15th. cause of claustraphobia? his cell is friggin 6 cm by 3cm by 4 cm. he barely has any space to stretch himself. and when i chase him with a pen,he's got no where to run. Many memories we've shared together.Marty kept me company when i was studying and provided entertainment. I delighted in his amusement when i create miniature 7.2 Underwater earthquakes. No hard feelings bro. I'm sure he was having fun.
The fighting fish in all its glory.
cause of asphyxia? no clean water. someone forgot to give him new oxygen to breathe. or chocked him with loads of food [rotten worms]. No image of death was taken.but the water was brown,there was a clump of God knows what floating, Marty decolourised,expanded his eyes and floated to the top. Not the sight meant for any peaceful soul.
Marty was buried on the night of the 15th. the funeral was attended by his primary maintainence manager,Sarah Lim and the best friend,Petrina Thong. Marty was buried 1 foot below next to Robert Ratfurd,our damn annoying rat thats been bugging us since we moved in here. So to marty, "brutha, rest if possible man."
Godspeed to the rest of us all.
emo post ends here.

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