18 August 2007

We were born for this.

that day about what... 2 weeks ago? lynne told me to check out this band, Paramore. no idea where she found 'em but,i loved them instantly. then i started doing some research on them. they were formed like 5 years ago i think, out of tennesee,US. they said they're neighbourhood it some real good music influence there and thats what brought them to forming a band.

Over the years,they've changed members a few times. but primary,Four of these fellas have been together since the beginning. The guitarist is 20 this year, the bassist is 19,the lead singer is 19 and dig this, the drummer is 17. know what that means? they started touring US when the drummer was what,15? and now they're doing international tours. i just checked anberlin's website, they're going on a tour with Paramore. i was like, o man, that has to be a damn good concert night weih.2 amazing bands in a row.

17 year old drummer.dei,the dude has a beard weih.

They were spotted by some manager dude who got them far weih. they said their music influence comes from bands like Foo Fighters or Jimmy Eat World. To me,their music ain't complex like anberlin.They're a punk rock band btw,or something like that.So its different from the usual emo rock songs i've been loving this year.haha. they keep it simple yet nice.

Paramore - Misery Buisness.[ haha i think this vid is damn funny.]

The singer,man,shes amazing. not only is she a great singer,shes a great entertainer when she leads the whole band. she is an awesome crowd getter. go check out vids of 'em performing live. The crowd is seriously into them weih. this band kinda reminds me about Superchic[k]. Superchic[k]'s lead singer is also a chick,and shes another amazing one.

Hayley Williams.

Misery Buisness Live on The Sauce.

Born For This Live on the Sauce.

But seriously lorr. they've only 2 albums now. their new album just came this year,RIOT.man, i'm gonna get it somehow weih. generally, this band is a huge inspiration to all the aspiring musicians out there like.. me.hahaha. but doubt this kind of thing can happen in malaysia. support is just not there.thats why i say,go check out our local jazz scene.the support is there man. ask any dude who loves jazz, they'd know Funk Mob.haha.

Yeah, this is what i call a band of friends.

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