10 September 2007

The Unexpected.

The Homeschoolers really suprised everyone with their rally. everyone thought the whole thing was gonna be a huge failure cuz ya know,they're homeschoolers.haha. but it was pretty good for a first. they didn't have that many present there. oni about 80 people came.and the other half were the army of unneccesary ushers. So i thought it ain't worth bringing my camera along for some borin rally,and i forgot to charge up the batteries. when i got there, i regretted. but, i still had Janielle's and Yen's camera to play with. man i had so much fun with it. especially janielle's.

I so happened to be wearing my nikon shirt.[thats yen's Digital Ixus 70]

yen just got his camera last week. he chose the right one.its almost as good as mine.haha. i might post up a few shots i took that night later on when i get the pics from yen, but we shall see. in the mean time,the rest of the pics are on janielle's blog.

well, that was for friday night. Saturday i didn't do anything and sunday was cookerama with the rangers. We screwed up our chicken so i doubt we'd win. I'm lazy to talk bout that. it was Sarah's 20th bday that day, so at night our family went to TGIF at the Curve to celebrate. O,we sure did fill our tummies with good food. and we ate alot. the waiter really loved my dad.hahaha. we had alot of fun. but my dad didn't bring the camera, so yeah. the bill came up to 200+.ahahaha. after that we walked about,gave a tour for my dad cuz he's never been there before.ahahaha.Brands Outlet had really cheap good clothes there that i wanted to get, but my dad said no.why?i oso dunno.haih.

Enough about that..

Shawna is back from Perlis. but shes sick and she still has to sit for her trial papers and soph is cumin back in 5 days.whee!

and my sis is now,friggin' old. no longer a teenager d.haha.

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