06 September 2007

i'm a sitting duck.

The lee's flew off today. i couldn't follow the chins to send 'em off cuz i had a dumb art paper which my mom didn't let me drop. i really wanted to see hosanna and ben for the last time. i'm really really gonna miss their family. for years it has always been the Lee's,the Chin's and The Lim's. now its just the Lim's and the Chin's. but anyway, hurray for them, they're escaping this doomed country for greater things ahead in Abu Dhabi, Emirates. what a life they're gonna have there. one day i shall be leaving to melbourne, and as much as i'd miss the company here, no regrets shifting.

well, this post is dedicated to the lee's, particularly, hosanna, who i've known since i was 10 or 11. Thanks loads for being awesome. Grow up to be the hot chick that God has meant u to be.bring a dude back and make sure he ain't chinese k.ahahahaha. God Bless!
k off to emo.[AHAHAHA,kidding.]

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