10 September 2007

Fair enough.

Today this conversation suddenly popped up while Sarah and I were walking home from the balai polis.[her bag got stolen,AGAIN.]

Sarah : Why do they always say fair and square and not fair and round?

Sam : whatheheck?darn random dei.

Sarah : haha, no but u see, don't u think round is fairer than square?

Sam : but all sides of the square are equal,fair.

Sarah : but what if there are 7 people?then it can't be fair if its square. but if its round, everyone can fill up the circumference of the circle.

Sam : hmm.. u've got a point.

Sarah : haha, mom was right la,today is really a nonesense day.

... and we walked off.

So yess, these are the kinds of conversations me and sarah have when zoe ain't around. when zoe's around, its just pure laughter or "Sam, ur such a nut lar dei.."


PEtriNa said...

I simply think it's because Square rhymes with Fair.

Am i smart or am i smart? =D

tammy said...