04 February 2008

So i lay my head back down.

"i dedicate this song to all those who have been patiently waiting for us to come to malaysia for years" "you guys rock, we've never been treated so kindly anywhere else" "we're definately coming back here soon". Man, i felt so good after they said that. Switchfoot gave a mind blowing,jaw dropping,head banging,body surfing,Insane,rocking performance. they were damn good. they sang songs that no one expected them to. Only hope,Learning to breathe,On fire, Cover for beyonce, Cover for radiohead, Gone,This is your life. who'd ever think they'd sing those wei. they delivered one extreme night. i went crazy. don't think i've headbanged that hard in my whole life.
video's are all with joshie. i took the pictures. there wasn't enough light though. so pics aren't great. oh, the lightsman did a fantastic job. he really pulled the concert together.
Love me butch was good. in my opinion.
AF stoned wei,stoned like crap. Bus co shud have opened. they're better than AF.
Jerome fatomillas really pulled switchfoot together. he was the key person beside jon.

Jon rocks.really rocks.

He connected extremely well with the crowd.

He was mad. we all were mad.

We were meant to live.

I love this shot. it shows the real atmosphere of the whole thing.

Yeah sure u do.


The whole night was worth more than what i paid for. i actually prepared to be dissapointed, but its no doubt, switchfoot sounds better live than in recordings. oh and only 1000 came, i had more than enough space to rock. Altered frequency didn't deliver. they tore the crowd down.haha. love me butch's opening song was good. then they started to suck. everyone was there except klang. Sam Oh, the sebastians, and weiloong ain't counted. they're pj now.AHAHAHAHA. quite a number of people stoned there. u know who i'm talking about.ahahaha.




Thanks dude for coming. if u weren't there, i confirm terpaksa hangout with u know who.haha.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. I agree with anonymous. I chanced upon your blog from googling up SF's concert and to see the comment u threw. I think you do not have strong musical understanding to be throwing criticisms as such.