08 May 2008

Equal opposite reaction.

U know how we always get the feeling that things are hard and we sound stupid cuz we know its all part of life? i'm having that one now. i might not be some straight A's student, but failing is uncalled for. FORM 4 SUCKSSS!!!.

I'm not even halfway through my exams and i feel like crap. to me, failing is ok the first time,but thats only if u don't pay for tuition. i've really gotta pass my add math and at least get an A2 for physics. mom has invested in it. and i could be using the money for something else. I also have a massive headache and constantly feel like piuking. it sucks. can't wait for camporama. its gonna be a good holiday.

on a lighter note, i'm gonna catch this 2mrw...

Boys day out.ahahaha

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