10 May 2008

This is home.

I still can't get over switchfoot. they were soooo awesome. 8tv did a 1 hour program on their stay in kl. and they taped and aired part of their concert. go http://www.youtube.com/user/LandofBrokenHearts for the rest of the concert and specials. here's what i say was the best part of the whole night. for those who didn't go, this is what u missed out on. haha.

They also did a song for prince caspian.

KL was their last stop on their international tour, and they said they gave their best performance here, and that kl was the best crowd out of the 5 countries they went to. wohoo!! so they really actually do love us. it ain't fake.

I spent 2 hours watching the 8tv films of them here. they really are one of the biggest blessings to me and the whole world. best rock band from every aspect in the world. no doubts bout that.

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